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Serve LA

Each and every day, our ministry partners strive to meet the needs of our city. Through acts of compassion, care and service, these organizations display the love of Christ to Los Angeles in tangible ways. Serve LA is an opportunity to join in with the great work being done as we join together with Claris, Harvest Home, Hope Gardens, Los Angeles Christian School, Union Rescue Mission and World Impact to serve our city.

To join with us in serving our city, please click here. Below is a description of the locations and events.

CLARIS (10-15 volunteers)

  • Organize baby store and storage closets (all volunteers)
  • Assemble gift bags (all volunteers)
  • Put on a picnic and lunch with Claris mothers and families (all volunteers)


HARVEST HOME (12-18 volunteers)

  • Paint front of the house (4-6 volunteers)
  • Deep cleaning / organizing (4-6 volunteers)
  • Outing for Women of Harvest Home (4-6 women)


DREAM CENTER (Goods Drop-off 10am-4pm)

  • The Department of Children and Family Services reported that nearly 200 kids are separated from parents simply due to poverty-related issues every month. To help prevent families from being separated, the Foster Care Intervention Program assists these families by providing furniture, food, clothing, appliances, and other basic items needed to allow parents to retain or regain custody of their children.
  • To see items to donate, please click here.



  • Carnival for the children/students residing at Hope Gardens & URM (25-40 adult/kid volunteers)
  • Campus Maintenance (4-8 volunteers)
  • Mean Prep and Food Serving (5 adults)
  • Daycare for Infant-Pre K (4 volunteers)
  • Bingo and other games with Senior Residents (5 volunteers)


WORLD IMPACT (8-10 volunteers)

  • Project list coming shortly



  • Blessing each teacher with a note of encouragement, gift and prayer



Saturday, May 5  2018
Registration 8:30am
Meet with Team 8:45am
Depart for serve site 9:00am
Lunch at serve site 1:00pm
Cleanup & Depart serve site 2:00pm